What Makes the Ultimate 2020 Bathroom? Ambiance Bain Tells All…

What Makes the Ultimate 2020 Bathroom?
Ambiance Bain Tells All…

Bathrooms are a vastly underestimated part of the home, and yet a beautifully decorated washroom area can do wonders for your sense of wellbeing, whether it’s a shower to reinvigorate you or a hot bath to warm up from the cold and help you feel relaxed. Bathroom design is constantly evolving to incorporate new styles, trends and ultimately mindsets. The bathroom is the centre of self-care, so the surroundings ought to reflect that.

In this article, we explore some of the current trends that have captured imaginations and have invited luxury into our homes.

Ambiance Bain Elegance Wall Panel Range


The shower style and fixtures should co-ordinate with the remaining items in your bathroom, unless you are replacing them too, in which case select a shower tray and wall panels to match your complete look.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint one dominant style, we can determine two paths to take when coming up with your 2020 design.

Firstly, you can go big and bold, embracing bright hues or dramatic displays, or you can go the other way and transform your washroom into a spa-like sanctuary.

Bright bold feature walls can recharge you, making you feel more daring for the day ahead. This bathroom can be a showcase for experimentation with lavish patterned tiles in a nod to maximalism.

Alternatively, you can opt for a natural palette replete with earth tones and minimalist tranquillity. Whichever way you choose to play it, you’ll still be on-trend.

Ambiance Bain Elegance Wall Panel Range


Tiles are a staple in any bathroom and show no sign of going away, but if you want to step away from the traditional ceramic and introduce more elegance, it’s wall panels all the way. That said, 2020 is not the year to play it safe with white, instead you need to consider contrast.

Don’t be afraid to go towards darker shades for a dramatic feel. Playful designers have even taken to creating exciting accent walls. “Who dares wins” is the 2020 bathroom mantra.

Going completely the other way, pared back light wooden panelling and wainscoting has also been appearing in our bathrooms this year so take note if you’re looking for a true to nature feel.

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There is a colour palette for all tastes this year so you don’t have to compromise to have a fashionable bathroom. As we’ve previously discovered, bold colours are very much en vogue and blue-green is standing out, both in terms of botanicals as well as for your vanity units and walls. Aquamarine and seaweed green are making a big impression and even blue washbasins are now an accepted norm among the design fraternity.

If loud ceramics appeal to you and you think green is too low key, then you may want to try black for a statement bathtub. If that sounds overwhelming, then a dark Granite Galaxy or Night Galaxy Gloss feature panel on just one wall, perhaps behind the mirror, or black accents for window frames and accessories could be a compromise.

On the flipside, a gentler colour scheme can be achieved with natural wood finish furniture and a warm cream colour moulded basin with matching or contrasting shower tray and wall panels.


For your fitted shower space or behind your vanity unit, wall panels are de rigueur and for those who eschew traditional tiles, this is welcome news.

If you’re going darker, why not incorporate a Granite Galaxy gloss finish for your wall panel and matching shower tray, which offers a subtle sparkle effect? Or a Lava Satin with an exciting textured appearance which looks almost tangible?

For a spa effect, Nougat Gloss or Nougat Satin bring out the earth tones while warmer pastels can be achieved with Pink Blizzard, Kaolin Satin or Mulberry Galaxy.

In keeping with the latest trends in colour and texture, Ambiance Bain provides a wide range of panels that can be matched with our SMO moulded basins.


Brass is dominating the trends, lending an elegant contrast to dark interiors. Adopting brass for your mirror frames, taps and furniture fittings makes quite the statement.

If you’re not feeling the love for brass metallics, then nickel, gunmetal and rose golds are good alternatives, as is our favourite here at Ambiance Bain: chrome.


Once you’ve got your essentials lined up, it’s time to put some thought into those extras that make a bathroom a home.

To keep your bathroom calm and clutter free, vanity units give you plenty of worktop space while hiding away bottles, towels and other items you don’t want out on display permanently.

No bathroom would be complete without a mirror that gives you abundant confidence each day. Currently, the preference is for framed mirrors, mirrored wall units for added storage or mirrors with LED lighting for a touch of class.

Lighting fixtures should be your signature piece (after your bathtub or walk-in shower space) so the bigger the better, whether it’s a brushed brass chandelier or a rose gold pendant.

Finally, optional extras include a stool to rest your towel, novel or cup of tea– whatever you like to keep within reach when you’re having a bath. Add in your foliage and light a candle for some hygge and a sense of wellbeing.

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