The Features of SMO™ Shower Trays

SMO is an exclusive, solid material developed by Ambiance Bain.

Created from a mixture of natural stone powders and low density, recycled mineral granules and a binder, SMO solid surface shower trays are extremely durable and can withstand temperature swings.  During the moulding process, the shower trays are coated with a 1mm thick protective gel coat for high impact resistance and to ensure a perfect finish.

If however, you do have the misfortune to damage your SMO™ shower tray, then you can repair it using one of our repair kits, or if you prefer to seek the help of a professional, why not contact Magic Nick, who has a wealth of experience repairing all kinds of surfaces.

High durability

SMO conforms to EN14527 – CL1. 

An anti-UV Treatment gives colour stability and is fade resistant whilst the gelcoat ensures high levels of protection against scratches and impact.

Anti-slip surface

All Ambiance Bain shower trays have been tested using DIN51097 barefoot ramp testing.  Gloss Finish shower trays are between PN6 and PN12 classification (Class A) whilst Matt Finish offers PN24 (Class C) and could be tilted to up to 29° without slipping.  For a higher specification anti-slip finish, we offer a special coating which can be applied during installation. Click here for details.

High resistance

SMO is highly resistant to stains and chemical agents, such as vinegars, soda, unblockers, solvents, anti-limescale chemicals, bleach, disinfectant, nail varnish, hair dye and scouring cream.  Full details are available here.

Waterproof & Repairable

The sanitary grade gelcoat used for humid environments provides a completely waterproof shower tray to give complete peace of mind.  If accidentally scratched or chipped, repair and polish kits are available  Please contact your Ambiance Bain Dealer for more information.

Easy to Clean

We recommend using warm soapy water to clean Ambiance Bain SMOshower trays. Most household cleaning fluids can be used, but white vinegar is best for removing more stubborn stains.

Adaptable Installation

Made to measure, adjustable to standard Shower Trays which can be recessed, raised or floor standing.  Ambiance Bain Shower Trays can be factory cut to size but are easy to cut and adjust on site should the need arise.

Bath to Shower Conversion

A bath replacement can enhance the space in your bathroom and make it more accessible for anyone in your family who has mobility issues.  Our comprehensive range of Shower Trays and co-ordinating Wall Panels can transform your bath area into a beautiful accessible shower space.

Our Shower Tray Ranges

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Every Ambiance Bain Retailer is selected for their knowledge and expertise in helping you create your perfect bathroom. All our retailers are trained in specifying our shower spaces and all have brochures and samples of our material finishes for your perusal.