VANGO SAND Shower Trays

Timeless, aesthetically pleasing and tactile. Vango Sand with its Sandy texture and colour match waste is available in an array of beautiful colours.

2.8cm thick with a flat base for quick and easy installation, Vango Sand shower trays offer PN24 anti-slip properties and a warm feeling under foot.

• Floor mounted or recessed
• Numerous colour options in sand finish
• Easy to install
• Colour matched waste

Widths: 80/90/100cm
Lengths: 100/120/140/160/180/200cm


– Indicate the shower tray reference
– The final size required
– Add the code for your colour choice
– Specify the waste type (if not specified you will receive ref. BONDOUSC)

Shower Tray Dimensions

Vango Shower Tray
ZBSAB080120 80 x 120cm
ZBSAB080140 80 x 140cm
ZBSAB080160 80 x 160cm
ZBSAB080170 80 x 170cm
ZBSAB080180 80 x 180cm
ZBSAB080200 80 x 200cm
ZBSAB090100 90 x 100cm
ZBSAB090120 90 x 120cm
ZBSAB090140 90 x 140cm
ZBSAB090160 90 x 160cm
ZBSAB090170 90 x 170cm
ZBSAB090180 90 x 180cm
ZBSAB090200 90 x 200cm
ZBSAB100100 100 x 100cm
ZBSAB100120 100 x 120cm
ZBSAB100140 100 x 140cm
ZBSAB100160 100 x 160cm
ZBSAB100180 100 x 180cm
ZBSAB100200 100 x 200cm

*Waste included – BONDOUSC

Altima Inset
Sit On

Vango Sand shower trays have a flat base so they can be installed directly onto the existing floorboards or tiles.

Altima Sit On

Thanks to their low height (2.8cm), Vango Sand shower trays can be fitted onto flooring joists and inset into the floor for a level access wetroom look.


200 Gloss White

200 Gloss White

201 Matt White

201 Matt White Satin

206 Mulberry Galaxy Gloss

206* Mulberry Galaxy Gloss

212 Artic Galaxy Gloss

212* Arctic Galaxy Gloss

214 Silver Galaxy Gloss

214* Silver Galaxy Gloss

218 Platinum Galaxy Gloss

218* Platinum Galaxy Gloss

221 Lava Satin

221 Lava Satin

226 Nougat Galaxy Gloss

226* Nougat Galaxy Gloss

234 Blizzard Galaxy Gloss

234* Blizzard Galaxy Gloss

258 Granite Galaxy Gloss

258* Granite Galaxy Gloss

267 Nougat Satin

267 Nougat Satin

268 Nougat Gloss

268* Nougat Gloss

SMO 273 Pompadour

273** Pompadour

SMO 277 Safari

277** Safari

301 White Chalk

301 White Chalk

314 Glacier Galaxy Satin

314 Glacier Galaxy Satin

315 Ivory Satin

315 Ivory Satin

316 Pewter Galaxy Satin

316 Pewter Galaxy Satin

317 Kaolin Satin

317 Kaolin Satin

SMO 365 Fjord

365** Fjord

T231 Polaris

T231 Polaris

T233 Atlas

T233 Atlas

* Gloss Colours / ** Extended lead time : + 3 weeks


Waste Position:
Right or left hand

Matching SMO™ Waste Cover included in the price

Floor mounted or recessed

Weight Per m²:

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