No need to worry about concealing pipework in your bathroom, Ambiance Bain SMO Vertical Panels are great for covering service ducts and other pipework whilst perfectly co-ordinating with your shower tray and wall panels.

Fitting a raised shower tray is seamless with our Horizontal SMO Plinths.

All our plinths are available in numerous colours to enhance your perfect look.

• Vertical Panels
• Horizontal Plinths


Ambiance Bain Vertical Panels can be used to box in service ducts or other bathroom pipework for a beautiful, hygienic design. Horizontal Plinths used when installing raised SMO shower trays are colour co-ordinated for a seamless finish.

Ambiance Bain Shower Vertical Panel

Vertical Panel

Vertical Panel for concealing pipework and covering service ducts.

Ambiance Bain Vertical Shower Panel

Length: 20cm
Height: 250cm

Horizontal Plinths

Used to conceal plumbing when installing a raised Shower Tray.

Ambiance Bain Horizontal Shower Plinth

Length: 200cm
Height: 15cm

Length: 250cm
Height: 15cm


200 Gloss White

200 Gloss White*

201 Matt White

201 Matt White

206 Mulberry Galaxy Gloss

206 Mulberry Galaxy Gloss*

212 Artic Galaxy Gloss

212 Artic Galaxy Gloss*

214 Silver Galaxy Gloss

214 Silver Galaxy Gloss*

218 Platinum Galaxy Gloss

218 Platinum Galaxy Gloss*

226 Nougat Galaxy Gloss

226 Nougat Galaxy Gloss*

234 Blizzard Galaxy Gloss

234 Blizzard Galaxy Gloss*

245 Greige Satin

245 Greige Satin

258 Granite Galaxy Gloss

258 Granite Galaxy Gloss*

267 Nougat Satin

267 Nougat Satin

268 Nougat Gloss

268 Nougat Gloss*

SMO 273 Pompadour

273 Pompadour

SMO 277 Safari

277 Safari

294 Cognac Galaxy Gloss

294 Cognac Galaxy Gloss*

304 Sonora Galaxy Gloss

304 Sonora Galaxy Gloss*

314 Glacier Galaxy Satin

314 Glacier Galaxy Satin

315 Ivory Satin

315 Ivory Satin

316 Pewter Galaxy Satin

316 Pewter Galaxy Satin

317 Kaolin Satin

317 Kaolin Satin

SMO 365 Fjord

365 Fjord

T231 Polaris

T231 Polaris

T233 Atlas

T233 Atlas

RAL Classic

RAL Classic
Allow an additional 3 weeks delivery + 20%

* Gloss Colours


Smooth Texture

Smooth Texture

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