Ambiance Bain Terms & Conditions


  • All units are delivered rigidly assembled using a glue and dowel construction method.
  • All units are manufactured using high density melamine particle or fibre board (650kg/M³).
  • Unit backs are made of matching high-density melamine particle board (650kg/M³). They are removable in basin units to allow for plumbing.
  • Ambiance Bain furniture is manufactured from several different board and foil materials, which are sourced from varying eco-friendly European suppliers. Whilst every effort is made to find materials with matching colour and grain patterns it is inevitable that there will be some shade and pattern differences between different materials advertised as the same colour. Curved laminate doors and fascias will have a visible hand finished ‘joint line’ where the 2 opposing sheets of laminate meet at the top & bottom edge of the fascia. This is part of the normal manufacturing process.
    Wood grain pattern orientations may differ on tall units and bath panels due to the dimensional limitations of the raw materials used. All doors, drawers and fascias are made independently. No grain patterns or designs continue from one fascia to another, in any direction, on any Ambiance Bain units. Every Ambiance Bain retailer has samples of all material finishes available for perusal and approval. Please ensure that you are happy with any and all colour, grain and shade matches prior to ordering any furniture.
  • We recommend the use of a super-slim sealing trap (SSTRAP) with all basin unit designs to optimise the use of the available space and drawers.
  • All units are supplied with 2-way adjustable wall hanging brackets.
  • Basin and shaped unit shelves are made from high density melamine particle board to enable cut outs for plumbing if required. All other units have 5mm glass shelves with adjustable height positions.
  • All doors are fitted with the latest 3 direction adjustable soft close hinges.
  • All drawers are fitted with the latest 3 direction adjustable, fully opening, drawer boxes and soft close runners.
  • All units are available undrilled for handles on request.
  • As indicated, wall hung WC units include a specially designed, in collaboration with GEBERIT, a super strong support frame with integral dual flush cistern.
  • When a furniture run includes an ISEO, DBA, BRC, BPC unit or reduces in depth one overall length of plinth will be supplied to be fitted at the reduced depth position. Please note leg positions may need to be adjusted to suit, prior to installation.
  • All mirrors can have slight imperfections in size, surface flatness, slight blemishes and small scratches. These are part of the tolerances within the mirror manufacturing process and cannot be exchanged or refunded under the guarantee policy.
  • All lights include relevant WEEE recycling charge.
  • SMO™ is a cast material made from natural calcium carbonate and polyester resin. It is coloured using organic powder pigments and baked to 80° Celsius to ensure stability.  It is coated with a surface Gel coat during its manufacture and can be cut or drilled using normal woodworking tools and a jigsaw with fine tooth sharp blade.  SMO™ is a hand moulded product that will have slight imperfections in size, flatness, dimples and some shade variations between pieces.  High gloss surfaces will show light circular polishing marks in direct lighting.  This is all part of the tolerances of this modern moulded material and cannot be exchanged or refunded under the guarantee policy.
  • All SMO™ basins will be supplied with one tap hole unless specified or ordered without.
  • All SMO™ shower trays can be ordered with an anti-slip design coating at an extra cost.  This process may alter the shade slightly.
  • Some SMO™ basins are designed without overflow. They must either be fitted with a free flow waste or a CLOU hidden overflow system.
  • All items are adequately packaged including shrink-wrap with corner and edge protections where necessary.
  • All dimensions are given in cm or mms, exclude handles and are supplied as a guide only. Any critical measurements can only be verified with the actual product supplied due to normal manufacturing tolerances.
  • In the interest of constant product development, we reserve the right to change or delete any and all colours, finishes and technical characteristics of our products at any time and without notice.
  • All photos and colour charts are reproduced as accurately as the printing process will allow but they are non-contractual and may differ from the actual products supplied.


It is imperative that all sizes, dimensions and product selections are confirmed prior to placing any order for Ambiance Bain products. Due to modern computer controlled industrial manufacturing systems, once confirmed by order acknowledgement, the unit sizes, colours and any other specification cannot be altered or cancelled under any circumstances.  Ambiance Bain will supply your units to the original order and specification supplied.  No liability can be taken for any ordered units or handles fitting and working in any specific room or layout.  This is the responsibility of the layout designer and retailer.  Ambiance Bain makes every effort to supply all goods within normal lead times.  However, any specified delivery date is approximate and forms no part of any contract.


All Ambiance Bain products are made to order; therefore, we are unable to accept returns.  This does not affect your rights regarding damaged or faulty goods.


Delivery costs are included for all furniture and shower tray orders. For lower value ancillary items for example handles, a delivery charge may apply calculated according to the delivery address.


Should it be necessary to store our products before installation, you must ensure Shower Trays and Wall Panels are ideally stored flat.  If space doesn’t permit this, they should be carefully stored in a vertical position, with the longest side laid against the floor


We guarantee all Ambiance Bain units for 1 year, extended to 10 years upon completion and registration of the online guarantee form (1 year maximum applies to all electrical items, mirrors, WC frames, cisterns, bath panels and ancillary items not manufactured by ourselves) against all manufacturing defects acknowledged by our company when used in a domestic situation and within our care and installation guidelines.

Any guarantee is limited to the original purchaser, is non-transferable and does not cover the purchase of ex-display items.

All bathroom furniture will deteriorate through excessive water spillage or heavy condensation.  We do not guarantee any units fitted within a bathroom that is not well ventilated and fitted with a time delayed or humidistat controlled extractor fan.  All furniture must be protected with shower/bath enclosures and all exposed parts must be dried off with a suitable cloth/towel after being used.

Products must be installed and cared for in line with our latest guidelines, local water bylaws and any other relevant regulations.  The guarantee does not apply to any products that have been misused, abused or installed outside of our installation guidelines.  In the unlikely event that the product fails within the guarantee period, we will provide a replacement part (or nearest currently available equivalent). Liability is limited to individual products and does not cover any consequential loss/damage or any further fitting/refitting costs or financial compensation.  The customer will be required to pay for the installation cost of any replacement parts.


All items must be inspected for any incorrect ordering, transit damage or manufacturing faults before removing existing services in the bathroom as any replacement parts required will inevitably require remanufacture and transportation from our continental factories, which will involve unavoidable time delays.

Whilst Ambiance Bain make every effort to supply perfect goods within normal delivery lead times, we will not be held responsible for any delayed or incomplete installation costs or inconvenience caused.  Installation of any Ambiance Bain products will be considered as acceptance of the specification, quality and finish of the said merchandise by the consumer.

It is imperative that your Ambiance Bain units are installed by a qualified professional bathroom installer.  All electrical items must be tested prior to installation as liability is limited to replacement items only.

We do not recommend the use of any chemical cleaning or other products with our furniture.  We only recommend the use of mild soapy water and a microfibre cloth.

Suitable silicone type seals must be put in place to protect all worktop, mirror and unit edges from water ingress. N.B. Mirrors require a special mirror safe sealant as normal silicone sealant will damage the silvering on the rear of mirrors.

If you or your installer has any installation queries, please contact our sales office on: 01925 852675 prior to commencing the installation.


1. Contract Quotations

Pricing for contract quotations will be valid for 3 months from date of issue.  If the order is to be placed after this period, please check that the pricing is still current.

2.Contract pricing

Should a contract run more than 6 months, we reserve the right to increase prices should there be large raw material increases.  We will endeavour to mitigate this by discussing options at the start of the contract, for example, phased pricing.


Contract products are made to order and may differ from our retail range.  Once an order is in production, it cannot be cancelled or amended.  Should an unforeseen event lead to the cancellation of an order in production, we will do whatever we can to minimise associated costs, but the buyer will be liable for purchasing several units up to and including the total order quantity,


Based on the required agreed delivery date quoted at point of order, Ambiance Bain will manufacture and delivery the ordered products to the agreed location.  Should there be a subsequent delay in requiring the ordered products, the buyer will take ownership of storing the products in a safe environment.  Ambiance Bain can offer limited storage facilities for up to 1 month in duration.  This is a chargeable service, based on per pallet per week.  Current prices to be confirmed upon request.


Delivery costs are included for all furniture and shower tray orders. For lower value ancillary items for example handles, a delivery charge may apply calculated according to the delivery address.

Ambiance Bain only use reputable third-party delivery companies.  Whilst we don’t experience many delivery issues, we recommend installation is only booked after the order has been received and fully checked.  We will not accept any liability for costs incurred due to delays to installation.


At the time of delivery, the quantity of product must be checked and signed for.  Any shortages must be noted on the delivery note.  Subsequent claims will not be accepted.  The buyer or appointed representative has 48 hours to advise Ambiance Bain of any damages.  Once accepted, these will be replaced as quickly as possible, bearing in mind the products are made to order.

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