A co-ordinated approach for your entire bathroom

At Ambiance Bain, we manufacture a fully comprehensive range of bathroom components which using our bespoke panels and fillers, made to measure doors and  co-ordinating shelves allows you flexibility to finish your design to perfection.

Ambiance Bain Made to Measure Special Doors

Made to Measure Special Doors

Many standard sizes or even made-to-measure doors and panels are available to match your furniture and conceal your airing cupboard, boiler or any other space. Ask your Ambiance Bain specialist for more details.

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Ambiance Bain Laminate Shelves

Laminate Shelves

20mm thick laminated shelves can be used to create window sills, dwarf wall cappings and bath decks.

TOPS: 1/2 round edged 20mm shelving (10 – 40cm deep)

SMO™ Shelves

20mm thick SMO™ shelves can be used to create window sills, dwarf wall cappings and bath decks.

ZTAB23: 23.5cm deep
ZTAB36: 36.5cm deep
ZTAB50: 50.0cm deep
ZTAB60: 60.0cm deep

Staron® Solid Surface

12mm Staron® countertops are non-porous and hygienic. Ideal for window sills and other finishing touches.

STARTAB23: 23.5cm deep
STARTAB36: 36.5cm deep
STARTAB50: 50.0cm deep
STARTAB60: 59.0cm deep

Ambiance Bain Made to Measure Panels

Made to Measure Panels

Complementary panels of fully edged melamine or laminated and foil wrapped boards can be supplied to box in unsightly plumbing, soil pipes or other services.

PAMEL16: Melamine Board
PASTR1: Laminated or foil wrapped board

Our Finishing Touches

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Every Ambiance Bain retailer is selected for their knowledge and expertise in helping you create your perfect bathroom. All our retailers are trained in specifying our furniture and all have brochures and samples of our material finishes for your perusal.