ELEGANCE Wall Panels

The smooth finish and 1cm thickness ELEGANCE Wall Panels make them ideal for renovations, particularly where you need to cover service ducts or create shelf features. Made to measure, custom moulded panels up to 250cm high and 140cm wide, ELEGANCE adds a touch of luxury to any Shower Space.

• Custom Moulded
• 1cm Thick
• 4 Finished Edges

Height: 31 to 250cm
Widths: 31 to 140cm

Shower Tray Dimensions

Elegance Wall Panel

Product Code: ZPAN

Custom made from 31 to 140 cm wide and 31 to 250 cm high

To order:  Use the reference ZPAN followed by the dimensions (height then width).  Add the code of the chosen colour and specify the exact dimensions of the Wall Panel.

EXAMPLE:  ZPAN230100214, 225 x 98 = Panel Height 225, Width 98, colour 214 Silver Galaxy Gloss


200 Gloss White

200 Gloss White*

201 Matt White

201 Matt White Satin

206 Mulberry Galaxy Gloss

206 Mulberry Galaxy Gloss*

212 Artic Galaxy Gloss

212 Artic Galaxy Gloss*

214 Silver Galaxy Gloss

214 Silver Galaxy Gloss*

218 Platinum Galaxy Gloss

218 Platinum Galaxy Gloss*

221 Lava Satin

221 Lava Satin

226 Nougat Galaxy Gloss

226 Nougat Galaxy Gloss*

234 Blizzard Galaxy Gloss

234 Blizzard Galaxy Gloss*

258 Granite Galaxy Gloss

258 Granite Galaxy Gloss*

267 Nougat Satin

267 Nougat Satin

268 Nougat Gloss

268 Nougat Gloss*

SMO 273 Pompadour

273 Pompadour

SMO 277 Safari

277 Safari

301 White Chalk

301 White Chalk

314 Glacier Galaxy Satin

314 Glacier Galaxy Satin

315 Ivory Satin

315 Ivory Satin

316 Pewter Galaxy Satin

316 Pewter Galaxy Satin

317 Kaolin Satin

317 Kaolin Satin

SMO 365 Fjord

365 Fjord

T231 Polaris

T231 Polaris

T233 Atlas

T233 Atlas

RAL Classic

RAL Classic
Allow an additional 3 weeks for delivery + 30%

*Gloss Colours


Smooth Texture

Smooth finish in 22 colours + RAL

Made to measure


Weight Per m²:

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