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2024 Trending Bathroom Designs

Embark on a journey through the epitome of sophistication and design evolution in our latest blog: “2024 Trending Bathroom Designs.” Discover a world where each element is meticulously curated to reflect the perfect blend of artistry and functionality. In this exploration of contemporary sanctuaries, we delve into the artisanal details, conversational elegance, and the confident inspiration that define the most sought-after bathroom designs of 2024. Join us as we unravel a tapestry of curated styles, inviting you to envision your personal retreat with the latest trends in mind. Welcome to a realm where bathrooms transcend mere functionality and become an exquisite expression of individuality and timeless luxury.

Vango Sand Shower Tray

Walk-In Shower trays vs Baths:

In the realm of luxurious sanctuaries, the eternal debate unfolds: walk-in shower trays versus baths. Picture this: a sanctuary where sophistication meets functionality, a haven where each element intertwines seamlessly. Imagine stepping into a realm where modernity dances with timeless elegance.  Here you find our Vango Sand shower tray, the epitome of contemporary bathroom designs and redefined opulence. The artisanal touch of sleek tiles and polished fixtures creates an immersive experience, transforming your daily routine into a ritual of indulgence. A confident statement of luxury, shower trays offer a respite for those seeking solace and relaxation. Conversely, the allure of Baths is timeless, invoking a sense of tranquillity that transcends eras. The symphony of bubbles and warm water encapsulates a moment of escape from the bustling world outside. In this discourse between two paradigms, the inspirational beauty of walk-in shower trays and the classic charm of baths converge. One need not choose between them; rather, envision a harmonious amalgamation within your bathroom oasis. A sanctuary where shower trays seamlessly coexist with the comforting embrace of a bath, creating an unparalleled tapestry of functionality and indulgence. Explore the canvas of possibilities, and browse our shower tray collection Vango Sand today.

Ketty Duo

Hotel & Spa Style:

Embark on a journey of refined indulgence with the embodiment of hotel and spa styles in your personal haven. Imagine your bathroom transformed into a sanctuary where every detail whispers sophistication. Artisanal elements intertwine effortlessly, crafting an ambiance reminiscent of high-end retreats. The conversational elegance of sleek marble, paired with the tranquil hues of nature, evokes a sense of opulence. In this space, inspiration is drawn from the grandeur of luxury hotels and the serenity of spa retreats. Confidence emanates from the carefully curated design, ensuring a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Our Ketty Duo collection becomes a canvas where the whispers of relaxation transform into a symphony, with wood tones to create a true spa-like experience each and every day. Elevate your daily routine with the essence of a hotel and spa style, where each moment spent is an escape into a realm of indulgence. 


Curved Details and Fixtures:

Embark on a journey of refined design as curved details and fixtures intertwine, creating a symphony of sophistication within your sanctuary. Picture a bathroom where every curve is an ode to artistic elegance. Curved fixtures, akin to sculpted masterpieces, infuse the space with a timeless charm that captivates the senses. Take a look at our Joya collection, refined and feminine, this super strong, lightweight worktop has delicate curves enhanced with an elegant oval bowl. These details, adorned with artisanal finesse, establish a conversational ambiance, inviting you to indulge in the visual poetry of your surroundings. With confidence in every contour, the bathroom transcends into a haven where form and function converge seamlessly. The inspirational allure of curved elements transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. This is a space where curved features echo the promise of an artistic retreat, where each curve is a brushstroke on the canvas of your personal aesthetic sanctuary. Embrace the harmonious dance of curved details and fixtures, where every bend tells a tale of refined indulgence.


Matt Finishes and Colours:

Immerse yourself in the allure of matt finishes and colours, where sophistication meets a canvas of endless possibilities within your bathroom oasis. Picture a sanctuary where every surface is a testament to artisanal elegance, adorned with the muted charm of matt textures. Our Sumiko collection in matt black just oozes luxury and relaxation. These finishes, with a conversational tone, redefine the contemporary aesthetic, inviting a tactile exploration of your surroundings. Confidence emanates from the deliberate choice of subdued hues, transforming the bathroom into a haven of tranquillity. Imagine walls draped in velvety matte finishes, complemented by a palette that whispers inspiration. Let the curated combination of matt finishes and colours paint a visual symphony, creating a personalised retreat that celebrates the harmony of texture and tone.


Moody and Masculine Colours:

Embark on a design journey infused with charisma as moody and masculine  colours weave a narrative of refined allure within your bathroom sanctuary. Picture a space where the walls echo with the confidence of deep, muted tones, creating an ambiance that resonates with timeless sophistication. The interplay of dark, masculine hues unfolds a dramatic tale, inviting you to indulge in the rich, moody atmosphere. Our Aviso collection, with curved features promoting relaxation and luxury, comes in an array of colours. Here you find our Forest Green shade, paired with a forest-like wallpaper, to provide a charismatic bathroom experience, with moody shades of muted greens. Artisanal details emerge, each curve and fixture a testament to thoughtful design, adding a conversational layer to the space. This is a haven where confidence meets inspiration, transforming your bathroom into a retreat that exudes strength and style. The promise of a space adorned with the magnetic charm of Moody and Masculine Colours, where every element crafts a harmonious symphony of masculine sophistication.

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