Ketty Duo modular furniture range


Home décor often centres around the living room and the kitchen, leaving the bathroom behind – but we want to change this.

We’re committed to bathroom creativity and as such, we’re constantly being inspired by new shapes and designs. Our in-house designers sometimes collaborate with innovative leaders in the field to create something unique.

For 2023, we have come up with two unique modular furniture collections that perfectly complement our other ranges.

We’ve also added a new shower tray for the utmost bathroom flexibility allowing for accessibility and future-proofing of your home.

Ambiance Bain Ketty Duo Range


Not to be confused with Ketty, Ketty Duo boasts a beautifully textured fascia on the top drawer that coordinates with a colour or wooden finish below. The Geometric Keops pattern draws the eye and provides a tactile front that really stands out. We have also created an SMO™ white chalk basin that’s inkeeping with Keops front panel.

You can adopt the Ketty Duo style throughout the rest of the space, with tall storage and WC units.

If you need a little extra room for your towels, you can opt for a larger capacity lower drawer with stylish glass sides. The bottom drawer comes with a compartmentalised organiser for smaller items and accessories.

Ambiance Bain Sumiko Range


The ultra-stylish Sumiko, with embossed front, has been created in collaboration with design studio, Entre Autre. What makes this range stand out is its ability to be styled in one colour throughout. The worktop, unit and basin can be matched for a “Total Look.” But why stop there? You can even pair your shower tray and wall panels – available in seven colours.

The seven “Total Look” colours are: Cashmere, Pompadour, Fjord, Regal, Cachou, Safari, Volcan

If “matchy-matchy” is not your vibe, then you can find a complementary colour for your sit-on basin and shower space. Depending on what you choose, you can select handles in Chrome, Matt Black or Matt Gold.

Sumiko also offers you tall and low-height storage units for a coordinated space.

Vango Shower Tray in situ


Vango Sand has been described by our design experts as “aesthetically pleasing and tactile” with an interesting sandy texture and a colour-match waste that takes on the appearance of the tray for something truly elegant.

Installation of the Vango Sand is simplicity itself, and it can be floor-mounted or recessed. With its flat base, you can lay it onto the floorboards of your bathroom floor for a stylish wetroom. This also adds to its accessibility for residents with mobility concerns.


We’ve also enjoyed bringing new colours to the bathroom floor with some wood textured effect neutrals: Nebraska, Brown Oak and Quercy; and we’ve also got Cashmere, a light beige, plus Mint for a fresh natural pastel. Explore all your colour options here.

Discover the all the collections for your brand new 2023 bathroom.

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