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If you’ve enjoyed transforming your bathroom into a premier spa haven with the tips in our previous blog, then this next instalment offers even more tips and tricks to inject your bathroom space with the ultimate luxe for that must-have spa vibe.

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A quick recap…

In our blog about creating an at-home sanctuary, we covered the essential components for a luxury spa space: practical storage to keep the space clutter-free, ambient lighting, a clean and well-maintained room, beautiful and relaxing scents, plus a few plants sprinkled around. We even touched on the benefits of chromotherapy using our RGB LED Dolce mirror which you can set to your preference (and what’s more, customise it to your SMO™ colour scheme).

All the above we stand by, but we think you can go even further in boosting your wellbeing with a few simple objects and décor choices.

What makes a spa successful is that it caters for all the senses. So, let’s deal with each one in turn:

Ambiance Bain Aviso Range


The spa experience is not only about the room you’re spending time in, but also about how you feel, so treat yourself to some soft, fluffy towels to wrap up in, and consider a cosy bathrobe just for these special occasions. Additionally, keep a gorgeous rug underfoot to warm your feet on those tiled floors.

While you’re resting in the bathtub, make it more comfortable with a bath pillow so you can cushion your bones against those ceramic surfaces and stay in for even longer.

If you don’t have a tub to relax in, you can enjoy just as much luxury in the shower. First of all, a walk-in shower space gives you lots of room to stretch out and bask under the pouring cascade. In addition, glass shower doors and wall panels are aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain than curtains.

Rainfall showerheads are larger showerheads that give you the feeling you’re in the Amazon being refreshed in a tropical storm.

To relax your tired legs, a shower seat is ideal to perch on and can be bought with any Ambiance Bain shower space. We can also customise it to match your wall panels and shower tray.

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You won’t see many ugly high-end spas, and that’s because beautiful surroundings boost our mood.

Start off with a minimalist and clutter-free layout, then take care when selecting your colours. You have a few options: monochromatic neutrals give a feeling of airiness and cleanliness. Wood accents make us feel at one with nature, and finally, blues and greens are comfortable on the eye. If it’s looking a bit too plain, consider textured wall panels, for example, in stone effect.

Once you’ve set out your spa canvas, it’s time to dress it up with accessories. Open shelving or floating shelves mean you can keep all your soaps, lotions and towels organised, while a bath or shower caddy means you have the products you’re currently using in easy reach.

Make your bathroom space look extra chic with a carefully-curated picture frame and artwork – something that gives you an instant sense of joy when you gaze upon it.

Finally, mismatched soap dispensers and empty bottles do little to instil high-end vibes, so consider purchasing a dispenser set with an accompanying soap dish.

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Candles and diffusers cleanse and refresh the bathroom air with a range of essential oils and aromatherapy fragrances. You choose the scents for a particular mood you want to experience, such as a holiday or a childhood memory, or perhaps you want to select something that offers mood-boosting properties before a challenging project.


Spas are all for relaxing soundscapes to tune out distracting noises and cocoon you from the outside world. Therefore, why not invest in some speakers for your bathroom and create a relaxing playlist that helps you switch off and unwind? This is a personal choice – not everyone melts away their worries to the aria of whales and dolphins, but perhaps some easy listening or jazz can achieve a positive effect for you.


An unusual one, as we tend not to eat in the bathroom (it’s not to be recommended!), however when you do go for a spa-day, it’s not unheard of to have a glass of fizz, so if you want a refreshing juice or a glass of water (or the occasional bit of bubbly!), we won’t stop you!

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If you’ve been inspired to install a spa-like bathroom so you can relax every day, find your nearest Ambiance Bain bathroom showroom here.

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