The Features of SMO™


A clean home has never been more important. Keeping your bathroom extra clean for houseguests is essential given the current pandemic. With many cleaning products causing adverse effects to the environment and believed to be harmful to our health over the long-term, we’ve created a product that stays cleaner in between scrubbing.

Our SMO™ range of shower trays, wall panels and all-in-one worktop and washbasins is the perfect combination of antibacterial, scratch-resistant and waterproof, leaving you feeling more comfortable in your surroundings and requiring less maintenance than traditional tiled surfaces.

Hygienic Surface

SMO™ is a blend of polyester and natural stone powders that can be cast and moulded to create our versatile bathroom products.

The manufacturing process is completed with a 1000-micron thick spray of protective gel coat, which ensures a perfect, hygienic finish. Showering yourself in a cleaner shower space just makes sense.

Resistant to Scratches & Cleaning products

The finish also includes an anti-UV treatment, preventing colour fading and ageing, ensuring your SMO™ product lasts longer and always looks as though it’s just come off the factory line. The spray coat is also highly resistant to scratches and dents, which means it’s suitable for family living. It also resists damage caused by cleaning products such as bleaches, limescale remover, drain clear and vinegar.  In fact, white vinegar is recommended for cleaning SMO™ surfaces to help remove stubborn stains.

Ambiance Bain Mirrors and Lights

No Grout Lines

Bathroom wear and tear is often due to water damage that gets between the grout, through the joins and into the product surface itself. Not only does it start to leave unsightly marks and stains, but it can also lead to structural damage in your home if not dealt with in time. Our SMO™ panels and trays are moulded in on piece, reducing joins and gaps that lead to water ingress. The material itself is non-porous, so the surface is fully water-resistant.

Ambiance Bain Moulds designed by their experts

More Time to Relax

With a product that you don’t have to keep maintaining, you have more time to relax and enjoy your Ambiance bath Shower Space knowing you’re in healthier surroundings.

Ambiance Bain Elegance Wall Panel Range

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