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Bathrooms are evolving and moving away from the traditional set up of a giant tub that takes up a large proportion of your bathroom space.

As a space-saving, environmentally friendly alternative, shower spaces are becoming more commonplace.

Besides using less water and taking up a smaller footprint, shower spaces future-proof your bathroom by making your ablutions more accessible, particularly if you have mobility problems.

That’s not to say showering can’t be decadent: with our shower seats, you can have the best of both worlds: you can enjoy a sitting down shower with all luxury of bubbles thanks to shower bombs (note: we don’t provide the shower bombs!).

Thinking of replacing your tub with sleek, sophisticated shower space? Let’s run through the various options…

But first, a word about SMO™

SMO™ is a durable, versatile material that can be moulded to any shape. Being 75% natural stone powders, it’s afforded a strength and robustness that ensures a long life-span. Our SMO™ products are treated with a 1mm thick gelcoat, which makes it hygienic and easy to clean. Exclusive to Ambiance Bain products, this material is also resistant to damage caused by bleach, sunlight and harsh chemicals.

Ambiance Bain Altima Shower Space Range


Altima is a flexible option if you’re looking for a practical solution that can be floor-mounted or recessed. With the waste outlet available on the left or right-hand side, the design you choose will be perfectly compatible with your space.

Altima comes in five colours in a beautiful stone finish. It’s available for quick delivery, so you can expect it within 3-5 days of placing your order.


Altimax is a similar design to Altima, but with Xtra options. Available in a greater selection of colours in gloss, satin and sparkles! We can also adjust it to the nearest millimetre so it fits seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom furniture and flooring.


Oka’s sleek lines and smooth texture help it stand out from its counterparts and is available as portrait or landscape options. It boasts a sloping design around the linear waste to prevent pooling of the water and soapy suds. Speaking of the waste, you can pick through three different designs for an elegant finish – Stainless Steel, or Matt Black or Matt White.

We can even adjust Oka to match your floor dimensions. Choose from floor-mounted or recessed and from a selection of 19 colour options.


While it may indeed be universal, this shower tray is also unique, since we can cast it to the exact measurements of your floor space. With four luxurious cast finished edges and a vast array of stunning colours, you can be sure your Universal shower space is anything but ubiquitous.


Elegance is moulded and formed from a single piece so everything is perfectly in tune – no leaks here!

Don’t mistake its beauty for fragility, as Elegance is robust and durable, whether it’s lying on top of your floor-boards or level with the floor itself. Pick from a wide selection of colour options for an effect that is truly bespoke.


Team up your shower tray with shower panels and shower seats in the same colour treatment for perfect harmony in your bathroom or a contrast can make a stunning statement.

SMO™ shower tray and wall panel colours and finishes can be fully co-ordinated to your worktops and shelving for a uniform style throughout the space.

To get hold of yours, search for your nearest Ambiance Bain showroom.

If you would like to transform your bath into a shower space take a look at our vast range of shower trays and wall panels.

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