Ambiance Bain Komplements


As we approach summer optimistically, we feel it’s time to refresh and re-energise our bathroom spaces.

Nothing quite says new beginnings like brand-new products, so we’re incredibly excited to celebrate our latest additions that have popped up in our latest brochures.


Ambiance Bain Boss Range

The most obvious new arrivals are two additions to our modular range, one of which is Boss.

Boss is a range of elegant floating units with integrated pull grip openings and a smooth, sloping ceramic washbasin.

It’s even available as a double basin worktop if you like brushing your teeth at the same time as your loved one. You can also choose between one, two or four drawers for extra storage.

It’s now available in five colours from stock, including the stunning Ottawa, Ebony, Bosco, Teak or Classic Gloss White and you can also order in a wide variety of other colours if you’re willing to wait a little longer.



Ambiance Bain Komplements

The second newcomer in our modular range is Star, also rectangular floating units with one, two or four drawer options. But what makes it really stand out from other modular collections is its Staron® solid surface worktop which accommodates one or two sit-on basins. The unique integrated pull-grip opening design makes this a plush addition to any bathroom.

Ambiance Bain Star Range
Ambiance Bain Star Range

New Options for Oka Shower Tray

Our landscape Oka shower tray is an old favourite among Ambiance aficionados, but now it’s been joined by a portrait counterpart, giving you even more options for your shower space. With a choice of sizes and three waste options, the Oka tray can be mounted or recessed to match your preferences.

Oka Portrait Shower Tray

We’ve also got a few new colours for our shower panel ranges for a sparkly effect: glacier galaxy satin and pewter galaxy satin.


Sit-On Basins for Ambiance Bain Komplements

For a modern, glamourous twist on the humble washbasin, we don’t think you can go wrong with a sit-on vessel basin. You can choose between round in black and white or oval, depending on the look you’re going for.  They sit perfectly on our new range of sit on vessel basin units with Staron® solid surface worktops.

Sit on Vessel Basins
Sit on Vessel Basins

New Colours for Komplements

Our Komplements also benefit from some new colours, so you can be first in line out of your friends to show off Kittila, Vesuvio and Giverny units along with your sit-on vessel basin.

New Colours for 2021

We hope you’ve enjoyed this intro – Explore our new brochures for even more details.

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