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Ambiance Bain UK has now signed up to Ecologi in our efforts to become carbon neutral.

Ecologi helps people and companies offset their carbon emissions through a range of climate action projects.

Individuals can get involved with a small monthly subscription from just £4.70.

Ecologi encourages people to fund the planting of trees and put money towards climate action projects that have a proven track record of lowering carbon emissions.

You can also set goals so your lifestyle has less of an impact on the environment, such as going dairy-free for a day or cycling to work.

For companies, this means we can pay a subscription on behalf of our employees to offset their activities here at Ambiance Bain as well as outside of work.

In addition, we’re committing to planting trees to create a more sustainable future, including a reforestation project in Madagascar. However, a baby tree is not going to offset our carbon today – we’d have to wait a few years for that to have a measurable impact on the environment.

Ecologi Climate Positive Workforce

That’s why Ecologi lets us contribute to environmental projects throughout the world that are already effective in their fight against carbon emissions. Some of these projects include protecting the Amazonian Rainforest in Peru, converting landfill gas into power in Chile and even replacing cooking stoves in Eritrea with greener alternatives. If we all work to support all these small campaigns at the same time, we can make a huge impact.

How do we know we’re really effecting positive change? These projects meet the highest criteria in terms of climate action and have been certified “Gold Standard” or Verified Carbon Standard.

So, as well as planting trees, we are able to purchase additional carbon offsets to help our company reach net zero.

We’re encouraging our team to fully embrace this climate positive ethos, and likewise, we hope our customers will know that when they buy our products, some of the carbon emissions incurred during transportation have been offset. This way, we’re helping to fund a brighter future.

Find out how you can get involved with Ecologi to lower your personal carbon footprint.

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