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There are several ways you can go about using colour psychology for your bathroom project, depending on what school of interior design you subscribe to. In this two-part series, we’ve researched the latest in colour psychology and colour theory to give you a helping hand when picking out your bathroom theme. This first part looks at how you can select your colours based on the mood you would like to create.

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When starting to map out your vision board for your bathroom, it’s a good idea to consider what “ambience” you’re trying to set. Do you want somewhere that will give you sanctuary feel where you can relax or a place where you emerge from each morning raring to go? The colours you choose will set a dominant atmosphere, so it’s worth taking the time to explore your options. In the words of interior designer Amanda Nisbet “Using colour is not necessarily for the faint of heart, but its ability to singularly and definitively create an experience makes it one of the most important and valuable tools in interior design.”

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If you’re looking to create a calm, restorative space, blue is the obvious choice. Light blue helps you unwind and has been shown to slow down your heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

However, it can seem cold, so look for warmer shades of blue that are more inviting and cosier or else opt for lavender or even a mixage of colours to add warmth. Dark blues create a sense of elegance and sophistication, similar to black, and looks stunning when juxtaposed with metallic accents.

For an atmosphere of serenity and creativity, think about green, with its associations with nature and abundance. This colour helps your eyes relax, and it’s long been believed green is a mood-booster.

Neutrals are another way to establish a feeling of composure. Grey is the ideal backdrop for a family bathroom as it promotes calmness and composure.

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If you’re a go-getter, or someone who seriously lacks energy in the mornings, then consider warmer colours on the spectrum. Reds are linked to higher levels of adrenaline and are popularly associated with success and ambition – That’s why you might feel compelled to wear red for a job interview and why some football teams choose a red kit. Reminiscent of our most visceral emotions, as well as passion and danger, red even increases your appetite. That’s how powerful colour can be.

Of course, it needn’t be all drama in your bathroom. You can opt for subtler autumnal reds for a seasonal richness or soften it up by going for playful or glamorous pinks.

If you’re not brave enough to go all-in with red, then yellow is a great option. It’s a joyful, youthful, energetic colour and is highly recommended for bathrooms. Golds offer a more “grown-up” choice and pairing yellow with a grey neutral adds sophistication.

Of course, combining the power of red and the youthful optimism of yellow, you have orange sat between them on the rainbow. Orange is a stimulating shade that epitomises happiness, so if you’re aiming to be more fun-loving each day, this is your colour.

What mood would you like to create in your bathroom? A spa-like relaxation space or a high energy hub? Let us know on Twitter (@AmbianceBainUK).

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