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Bathrooms are busy places. We spend a lot of time in them for all sorts of reasons, so that means they can become a centre of chaos if we’re not careful. The time we spend in them should set us up for the day ahead and ground us come nightfall. That means they should be a retreat as well as a functional space. Here’s how you create calm in your bathroom space.


Ambiance Bain Aviso Range

First things first, an untidy space is not a relaxing space, so get the basics right with your bathroom installation. Untidiness increases stress and affects feelings of happiness, so you need to find ways to get organised.

Storage in the form of drawers and cupboards for your vanity unit or extra units behind your WC or in otherwise unusable spaces in your bathroom can help you manage the clutter so your surfaces are clean and tidy.

Clean Furnishings with Minimal Maintenance

Ambiance Bain Ketty Range

How can you possibly relax in a space knowing your bathroom is concealing germs and bacteria in the grouting and joins? The visible to-do list of all the jobs required to keep your bathroom shipshape is certainly not conducive to a sanctuary feel.

With Ambiance Bain SMO™ surfaces, you don’t have to re-grout every six months to make your bathroom look like new. Our SMO™ ranges minimise the joins you get with tiling and other types of panelling. The anti-UV finish prevents colour fade and is resistant to damage from bleaches and harsh chemicals.


Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms

Colour is an important factor in setting the right mood for your bathroom sanctuary, so you need to get the colour palette just right.

Here are our recommendations:


Green is a calming colour that’s associated with healing, growth, abundance and creativity. It’s even thought to fix a bad mood. To surround yourself with green is therefore very beneficial for all kinds of reasons. Green is also visually calming and can keep your stress levels down.


If you’re looking for a chilled-out bathroom space, consider blue for a sense of calm. This is thought to lower blood pressure and help relax breathing. Light blue is preferable to dark blue to keep your mood buoyant.


If blue feels too cold, then lavender has the same benefits with the added warmth brought about by its redness.


Ambiance Bain Ensuites and Shower Rooms

To uplift your bathroom ensemble, focus on your lighting. It’s not just about overhead lighting and task lighting.

These are essential for functional activities such as shaving or applying makeup, and for this, your best bet is a backlit mirror.

To create a high end layered lit aesthetic, consider adding LEDs for accents or a peripheral lit mirror.


Ambiance Bain Mambo Range

We’re all about the botanicals here at Ambiance Bain. Not only do they provide aesthetic interest against a neutral backdrop, but they also offer a wealth of other benefits. Seeing the colour green can help you feel calmer and more creative, while succulents and English Ivy purify the air keeping you healthy on the inside. Peace lilies and snake plants also help you relax and reduce stress.


Smell is often overlooked as a sense and yet it’s one of the most powerful for evoking long-forgotten memories. Depending on the scent you choose, candles can boost your mood, release the feel-good hormones, lower stress and anxiety and even help you concentrate. Why not give them a go next time you treat yourself to a long soak in the bath?

Here are our favourites:

Jasmine – Improves mood

Mint – Helps you concentrate

Rosemary, lemon and geranium – Can help you feel calmer.

Shower Seats

Many of us will admit to indulging in a bubble bath every so often to relieve the days rigours, but for those with a shower space, we have an alternative. Shower seating is the way forward to get the best of both worlds – More economic ablutions with the chance to sit down and unwind.

There are our top tips for transforming your bathroom into an at home sanctuary. Browse our edifying bathroom collections.

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