Ambiance Bain Mirrors and Lights


At Ambiance Bain, it’s not just about the bathroom furniture; it’s about creating an entire bathroom experience.

Most people would agree, no bathroom is complete without a mirror. Besides the obvious practical applications, a mirror lends an air of luxe to the space.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to equip you with a range of mirrors that match our furniture and can, of course, be customised with the same finish as your vanity and other units.

Traditional Mood Mirror for Effortless Chic

Despite the plethora of bathroom innovations and advances in technology, some of us love the simplicity of tradition – There’s nothing wrong with that. Take the Mood Mirror for starters. It’s available in 40cm and 60cm and comes in a great variety of colours and finishes. If you just want a straightforward square mirror that perfectly captures the beauty of your space, then this is the mirror for you.

Ambiance Bain Mirrors
Ambiance Bain Mirrors and Lights

Peripheral Lit Mirrors for Elegance

For a pop of accent lighting to draw the eye and add depth to your bathroom space, peripheral lighting affords a touch of elegance as well as giving you more light in your bathroom and creating a shadow-free image. The LED lighting adds an accent to the general ambience, culminating in a layered effect that feels more luxurious.

Esquire LED Illuminated Mirror
Ambiance Bain Mirrors and Lights

Backlit Mirrors for Clear View

Backlit mirrors are the ultimate choice for helping you carry out those bathroom tasks that necessitate precision. Providing a softer glow for your skin to make you feel a million dollars, it also eliminates shadows so you can see what you’re doing when you’re shaving or applying makeup. You can choose your colour temperature to go with your skin tone so you never leave the house feeling less than 100%.


RGB LED Mirrors for Chromotherapy

A little colour is a treat for the eyes and if you simply want to create a disco bathroom, then we salute you. The benefits of our RGB-lit mirrors go beyond the aesthetic, however, as there are health benefits associated with exposure to certain light frequencies.

Here are the main ones:

Blue – Blue is believed to calm you down and lower your blood pressure, help you get ready for sleep and reduces inflammation.

Red – Red is an energetic colour that gets you to mentally prepare for the day ahead. It’s also perfect for a romantic evening.

Green – Get rid of that ugly mood with green. Green is creative, relaxing and even aids with insomnia. If you’ve been having a bad time lately, green is the colour of healing and restoration.

Choose your mood and select your colour with our Dolce/Glamour Mirror, pictured below.


Panoramic Mirrors

Wide-format mirrors, with optional integrated glass shelving, enhance the light and give a feeling of space in your bathroom.

Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms

A Word about Lighting

LEDs are more efficient than more traditional forms of lighting and can save you money on your electricity bills. They also need replacing less frequently. Win win!

Do ensure your LED mirrors are fitted by a professional electrician rather than fitting it yourself. Our showroom teams will be able to advise.

Anti-Mist Pads

Certain models come with optional anti-mist features so that you can still check your reflection when the bathroom is steamed up – Do ask at your local Ambience Bain retailer for the best options.

Browse the complete selection of mirrors here or find your local showroom to see what they look like in situ.


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