It is possible to repair any Ambiance Bain SMO™ Shower Tray, Wall Panel, Shower Seat or Worktop.

Do you have an impact or scratch mark which has caused the SMO™ gelcoat surface to deteriorate?
Don’t panic! The SMO™ is repairable.

Using our specialist Repair Kit, which consists of gelcoat, hardener, polishing paste and sanding paper, you can repair impact marks and scratches or restore a shine after several years of use.

SMO™ is developed in our Research & Development workshops, and is manufactured using natural stone and a binder covered with a 1mm protective gelcoat.  This process ensures strength and longevity (unlike sinks, shower trays and panels finished with sanitary paints).

It’s feels natural to touch, is easy to maintain and highly durable.  It is resistant to cleaning products and cosmetics and easy to clean with no grout lines to maintain.  Moulded in a single piece without any joints, vanity basins and worktops, shower trays and wall panels are poured onto the specialist moulds, which are designed and created in our own workshops.

Available in different textures (smooth finish, stone effect and longline) and in a huge selection of matt, gloss and sparkly colours, SMO™ is an ideal material to provide a touch of luxury to any bathroom, ensuite or shower room.

The production methods of SMO™ allow made to measure, custom manufacturing of large format parts and it is also possible to cut, drill, repair and adjust your products on site.

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