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French Design versus Italian Design:
What You Need to Know

Often when choosing a high-end bathroom installation, people will look for Italian furnishings to fuel their space with unparalleled sophistication, but French design also provides elegant décor options and should be considered a worthy alternative.

So, what’s the difference between French design and Italian design?

We’ve decided to highlight the main differences so you can decide what suits your personality best.

Since the two countries are next-door neighbours, there are bound to be a few overlaps, but here are three differing principles that should guide you when deciding your bathroom look.

ONE: Less is more

Italian is very big, bold and noticeable. You’re talking loud patterns with lots of contrast and clean lines.

French design is more about the understated look. We work with organic lines to marry the existing features of a room with your newer purchases.

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Ambiance Bain Komplements for Laufen

TWO: Understated luxury

Italians like silver detailing, abstract art and unapologetic luxury.

The French prefer to bring the outside in with muted pastel colours inspired by the Provence landscape. You may find one impressive signature piece to dress up an otherwise simple space. This really draws the eye in and creates wonder.

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THREE: Timelessness

With their modernity and linear aesthetic, you won’t see many random objects cluttering up the place in an Italian home.

The French, on the other hand, curate their homes with key pieces that hold memories, so your bathroom will have objects proudly displayed on shelving. These items hold value in nostalgia and sentimentality if not in actual currency.

In short, while Italian design favours a kaleidoscopic, refined collage, French design is about paying tribute to the original features, keeping the backdrop neutral and handpicking a statement piece.

Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms
Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms

A word on colour…

Of course, it’s easy to think that the French don’t love colour – they absolutely do, but they prefer to focus the colour scheme for maximum impact. This means they’ll go for one or two colours to give their bathroom the pop it deserves.

Ambiance Bain on Colours and Curves

That’s why our contemporary designs often take a light or dark background with eye-catching colourful units. We make it our mission to provide you with the best choice of colours and forms on the market. You can select from up to 200 RAL colours to make your bathroom truly individual. In addition, our production processes using the versatile and robust SMO™ mean we can create a vast array of worktop forms to match our units – literally putting us ahead of all the curves.

Which style appeals most to you?

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