Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms


Ambiance Bain has created inspirational products for hotel companies to provide luxury bathroom suites. It adds a touch of elegance to any getaway.

The likelihood is you’ve seen a hotel bathroom in all its beauty and contemplated what life might be like to enjoy such aesthetic delight every morning.

Then again, you may surmise, that’s just holiday life. Not real life, where kids mess up the place and furniture gets worn and torn with the rigours of daily usage.

But the truth is you can have the best of both worlds, especially if you plan it properly.

Here are four things you need to consider if you have lots of family members under your roof and you still want to enjoy stellar bathroom surroundings.

Family bathroom layout

This is one area where many DIYers go wrong.

Lots of people move into a new home and don’t bother to change the layout. Just because a room has always been a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best way. When you’re planning a new bathroom renovation, it’s worth looking at how you can maximise the space to create a better experience. For example, a door that regularly bangs into a bath edge or a toilet area with no leg room are frustrations you can do without.

Our retailers will take the time to assist you in planning the ultimate bathroom format to reduce wear and tear and generally make it a more pleasant bathroom to be in.

Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms


Now you know where everything is going to go, you need materials that will promise durability. If you’ve got children and a dog that likes to get muddy, then you absolutely should let them enjoy your exquisite bathroom too. To minimise the destruction that comes with such exuberance, however, pick out hardwearing materials with a guarantee.

Adopting a material such as SMO™ means your bathroom panels and surfaces will last for longer thanks to the stone powders that add reinforcement.

SMO™ is resistant to the discolouring properties of harsh chemicals and bleaches and even has a UV filter to keep colours brighter for longer.

Especially important is the sanitary grade gelcoat to help surfaces stay fresh between cleans. This has the added benefit of keeping everyone a little safer.

Ambiance Bain Shower Spaces


While lots of us would love to eschew all material goods, we’d soon begin to miss the razors, cotton buds, shower gels and spare loo rolls. It’s not feasible to rid your bathroom of these necessities, so how can you enjoy a minimalist space? The answer is clever storage solutions. A well-laid-out bathroom with top quality bathroom furniture lets you have all your belongings within easy reach without cluttering up all your surfaces.

Made-to-measure vanity units with cupboards or drawers are great places to hide away hair bobbles, scissors, cleansing pads and shampoos, while a tall unit is useful for towels and linen. Additionally, a WC unit is the ideal spot for extra loo rolls so you’re never caught short.

Ambiance Bain modular and fitted collections can help you build storage in previously unusable spaces – perfect for a growing family.

Ambiance Bain Universal Shower Tray Range

Shower Spaces

We’re so used to seeing bathtubs in our homes that most people don’t even question them. Are tubs really the best use of space? Once a child is walking, they can enjoy everything the shower has to offer as well as a bath. It’s easier to clean muddy canine friends in the shower too, and most importantly, the shower space is future-proofing the home for if any mobility problems arise as you get older.

Ambiance Bain Shower Spaces

These are just a few things you need to consider as you start to plan out a bathroom. While it’s more fun to pick out accessories and decide colour schemes, the practical planning of a bathroom is what will make its good looks last.

Contact your local retailer for help in designing your ideal space.

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