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While Ambiance Bain is a manufacturer of innovative bathroom furniture units rather than bathroom technology, we do like to keep our eyes out for what’s coming next to a bathroom near you.

We’ve been reading around, asking questions and generally observing the landscape of home interiors.

Here are a few bathroom trends we’ve been alerted to and we look forward to seeing them sharing a space with our luxury furniture collections.

Water-Saving Technology

Water is something we all sometimes take for granted. The taps seem abundant, and if we regularly have a bath, what’s the harm?

As water shortages will soon become part of our everyday reality, it’s worth everyone getting on board to use a little less water more often.  Having a quick shower instead of a bath can save not only water but also energy costs.

This can be also be done with water systems that take the soapy water rinsed off your hands and use it to flush the loo.

You may also have seen quirky loo cisterns that have a miniature washbasin on top for cleaning your hands.

Ideas such as these will help us to keep more water in our reservoirs and also save money.

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Smart Technology

While bathrooms are a sanctuary for some, others don’t want to be out of the loop for the 20 minutes you need to sit in a bath. Celebrities and futuristic films are already showcasing bathroom TV screens and we’ve all heard of Sonos speakers that let you enjoy music anywhere in the house.

On top of that, we’ll soon be able to surf the web from our bathroom mirror and get health checks from our loos… You may be in a hurry to see certain features more than others, but each to their own.

Bathtubs Making Way for Showers

As we’ve already discussed, in our lifetime, there are bound to be water shortages, whether that’s due to climate change or poor water management. Having a quick shower instead of a bath can save not only water but also energy costs.

Showers also have two other important advantages.

First of all, they save you lots of space in your bathroom, having a shorter footprint than a bathtub.

Additionally, walk-in showers will benefit people as they age and are unable to lift themselves in and out the tub. With shower seats, you’ll still be able to sit down and relax.

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What new bathroom trends are you hoping to see over the coming years?

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