Ambiance Bain Ensuites and Shower Rooms


The increased time we’ve been spending in our homes has led us to reflect on the spaces we inhabit. It’s easy to ignore the niggles when we can go out, but if we could get our homes the way we wanted, arguably we may not need to go out at all.

Going over stylist predictions and recommendations, it’s clear that we’ve all been playing it a bit too safe over the last decade and it’s time to commit to being more experimental, throwing out the rulebook and stamping our personalities on our surroundings.

What should you be implementing to stay on trend this summer while also creating a timeless aesthetic?

Komplements to suit Villeroy and Boch Avento Basins


2020 has been about getting away from the clinical minimalism that seemed like a good idea ten years ago. Enough with the tired white walls and painted skirting boards and the coldness exacerbated by a mirror finish everything.

With April’s release of the Pantone Spring Summer Colour Palette, we are urged to be more playful with examples such as Ruby Red, Flame Orange, Regal Blue and Beetroot Purple. Monochromatics only work if they are bright and bold as opposed to white and grey, and if you want neutrals, they should be warm beige or earth tones.

You can incorporate striking colour blocks into your bathroom theme with SMO™ worktops in Aubergine Gloss or Galaxy Gloss or settle for a warmer neutral with Nougat or Mulberry.

Alternatively, adorn your units and doors with Gloss Pink or summery Travertine for a luxurious bathroom no-one is going to forget in a hurry.

Ambiance Bain A Co-ordinated Approach


Summer is all about bringing the outside in and vice versa, so what does this mean for the bathroom space? Foliage is integral to create a serene sanctuary from the soaring temperatures. If you’re daring, you can install a living wall to purify the air and promote a feeling of energy and dynamism.

If that all seems too high maintenance, then think about your materials. Wood effect bath panels and unit carcases are a nod to nature but you don’t have to take care of them quite as much.

Tortona is a fresh light wood effect, and for a modern take, consider a wooden grain texture in grey such as Deauville or Inari.

Dark wood is also in demand, so look into American Walnut, Teak, Charcoal Oak or Gloss Bali for your doors and units.

Ambiance Bain Cloakrooms and Small Bathrooms


Cloakrooms are the perfect spaces to try new things if you’re going from a primarily neutral home to something more experimental. Don’t be shy in employing lively floral patterns or high contrast colour schemes to reawaken the creative spirit. The bathroom below exemplifies a black and white look to good effect – This may seem austere in a larger space but here it transmits a sense of fun.

Ambiance Bain Ensuites and Shower Rooms


After two decades of minimalism, we’re sensing a longing for the good old days. Floral patterns are back, as is wicker and rattan, and this has coined a new term in the interior designer’s dictionary: grandmillennial. This refers to a young person in their 20s and 30s opting for fringe, flower designs, needlepoint and chinoiserie – touches reminiscent of your grandma’s house. If you fall into this category, then you’ll love our Provence-style panels in regal blue for timelessness and a homely feel.

What summer trends are you interested in implementing in your bathroom?

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