Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms


Confused by all the different interior design styles out there?

Our new series takes a different style each time and gives you the low down so you can get to understand your favourites quickly without reading piles of home magazines.

Curating your own bathroom spaces will become an easier process once you hone your search on the elements that really matter to you.

Sit on Vessel Basins
Sit on Vessel Basins

Meet Modern

Modern began to surface in the 20th century as a rejection of all the opulence of the previous century. Inspired by simpler design trends in other parts of the continent, modern seemed to create a democratic style, putting interior design at the reach of the lower echelons of society who could never hope to affording the extravagant furnishings of the Victorian age.

"Modern" En Bref...

Le Corbusier was reshaping design and architecture in France, while the Bauhaus movement was sweeping across Germany and Scandinavia. Modern wanted to make use of emerging industrial processes to create a revolution in design, prioritising the function of a space over the lavish décor the upper classes had previously enjoyed. Ornament was eschewed in favour of practicality and simplicity.

Modern Style File

In One Sentence

“Form follows function.” We can still enjoy beauty within the confines of practicality.

Choose Your Hues

The hard surfaces can seem sterile when compared with what had come before. It’s certainly the polar opposite of the fripperies of Boho and feels a little out of step with the cosiness of modern Scandi minimalism.

Cushions are flat, not plump and squishy. They may also be made from leather. Surfaces are lacquered and shiny, with glass, wood and metal making a big impression.

Build The Furniture Foundation

Keep it natural with earthy neutrals. Brave Ground and many of 2021’s paint choices would work in a Modern space. Also, brown and white would be a welcome addition to the colour palette.

Add Your Textures

Urban chic could be a modern form of Modern, which opts for unplastered concrete walls and exposed beams, while the shimmer and shine of lacquered furniture could also dominate. Chrome is high up on the list for fixtures materials.

Ambiance Bain Family Bathrooms
Komplements to suit Ambiance Bain Lite Basin
Ambiance Bain Cloakrooms and Small Bathrooms


Accessories are allowed, but as long as they are practical elements within the space. Soft furnishings are second in line to hard, shinier items and linear forms.

Ambiance Bain Mirrors and Lights
Ambiance Bain Mirrors

Does Modern Work in the Bathroom?

In a way, the bathroom is the ideal room to introduce a contemporary take on the classic Modern. As it’s the room least likely to benefit from soft furnishings and cosiness, you can embrace easy-to-clean surfaces and a shiny finish.

SMO™ worktops in Gloss White would work a treat teamed with a rich dark wood Melamine door in Teak or Gloss Bali. You could even include a foil door finish in American Walnut for the authentic American Modern design.

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