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Style File: Boho in 60 Seconds

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Style File: Boho in 60 Seconds

Say Hello to Boho

Boho is a fun, eclectic and exciting way to combine different aspects of your personality in the same space.

It may surprise you to know that boho actually fell out of favour at the start of the noughties when minimalism took centre stage.

Now, it’s made a comeback, which is great news for Autumn personalities and collectors.

"Boho" En Bref...

The beauty of boho is that easy, put-together impression it creates.

It seems like anyone can establish cosy vibes with a few cushions, throws and found objects, but like anything that looks simple, there’s often more to it than meets the eye – it can easily go wrong if you get too mix-and-match happy and start creating chaos.

Boho, while carefully curated, rejects convention and allows you to express yourself freely.

Essentially, though, boho is a mood board of your life – no-one can have the same aesthetic as you. It’s completely unique!

Style File: Boho in 60 Seconds

In One Sentence

Boho is your story – tell it through your walls, furnishings and objets d’art.

Build The Furniture Foundation

The main components of a boho space are: cushions galore, low tables and lamps creating pools of light. Always be inspired by the Orient with your furnishings.

Choose Your Hues

Don’t be shy… No unassuming pastels are to be found in the boho space.

Think fiery, emotional, rich and exotic. A neutral wall provides the perfect backdrop to foreground the ornate collectables so guests don’t feel overwhelmed.

Add Your Textures

Embrace soft furnishings with rugs on the floor to invite people to sit, cushions for added cosiness, and blankets and throws for layering.

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Boho without accessories is the cake without the sugar, never mind the icing.

Nothing ever becomes dated in the boho room, so you don’t need to worry about whether it will stand the test of time. Just choose items that tell a story.

Rotate items from time to time to prevent over-cluttering. The key to boho finesse is understanding balance.

Does Boho Work in the Bathroom?

The collage nature of boho means that some elements of it can work well within the bathroom. For example, a bathroom shelf can showcase a piece of wall art, a holiday keepsake and eye-catching lotion bottles. However, it has to be a toned-down version of boho to retain practicality and function. Therefore, the neutral aspect of a contemporary bathroom peppered with a few carefully chosen objects could be a reasonable compromise.

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