David English


David English recently joined the UK division of Ambiance Bain as managing director and we are so pleased to have him on board leading Ambiance Bain UK into the next stage of growth and exciting innovations.

Having broad experience in business development as well as an unrivalled passion for interior design makes David the ideal candidate to recognise new opportunities for getting Ambiance Bain luxury bathroom furniture into even more homes.

People would be forgiven for thinking of a managing director as someone who pours over numbers, data, fact and figures to focus on the bottom line, meaning they haven’t got time for fun and creativity, but that’s not the case with David.

While he does love a good spreadsheet, he’s that rare combination of an analyst and a creative – besides number crunching, his passions include music (he’s played the drums since he was five!) and design (he’s renovated 14 homes and counting!).

Best of all, his creative energy goes into establishing a fun and friendly environment for the office staff to come into (when they’re not working from home!) so that means we can look forward to Christmas trees in December and lots of April Fool’s jokes. Watch this space…

We caught up with him to ask him how he’s finding life at Ambiance Bain and to glean his insights on design for 2022 and beyond…

David English

What attracted you to Ambiance Bain? 

“[It’s] a fantastic brand with a loyal retailer following, but with massive growth opportunities – somewhere I felt I could make a difference. So, the potential growth opportunities attracted me. I was looking for somewhere where I could make a difference, not just manage.”

What can we expect to see from AB UK over the coming months? 

“We are spending the rest of this year planning how to build the brand in the UK. You will see more advertising, more retailers, super showrooms around the UK that major on our brand, and exploring new routes to market with new products.”

What experience can you bring to the role of MD of Ambiance Bain UK?

“Ambiance Bain is similar in so many ways to my last MD role.  With the team there, we doubled the turnover in 3 years through marketing, E-Commerce, exhibitions, new routes to market and expansion of the team etc.  The main thing is to ensure high team spirit and everyone enjoys what they are doing.   One of my main attributes is ensuring the team are kept well informed, that they each know what they have to do by when, and have fun whilst they are doing it.”

David English & Dog, Luna
David English & Jess

What does your day-to-day look like? 

“Every day is different, that’s why I love the job.  One day can be strategic planning, another talking with France, another visiting retailers, another seeing our sales guys, talking with suppliers…it’s different every day.”

What are you most looking forward to about the role? 

“Ensuring the team love what they do, growing the business, and ensuring the retailers and consumers have complete trust in Ambiance Bain as a brand.”

How will you work with the French team to spread the message of French design here in the UK? 

“I will work closely with the French creative design team along with my marketing colleagues, ensuring the bold and disruptive attitude is combined with the English requirements for producing something that will attract the UK market.”

What changes have you implemented in the UK team? 

“I have appointed a National Sales Manager to run the sales guys.  We are looking to appoint a contracts manager to purely focus on housebuilders/merchants/hotels, any contract specification opportunity.  This is an area we should and will be really strong in.”

David in Band, My Immortal

How has your love of house renovations influenced your ideas on interior design? 

“Starting out, I was always safe.  Now, I’m more daring and like to do things differently. A room converted quite cheaply, but with a quality light or curtains can look superb – it’s in the detail.”

Who is your favourite design personality? 

“I enjoy watching George Clarke, I love Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud – I designed a house once but then sold the plot before we built it.  The couple stuck to my design, and every time I drive by, I want to go and knock the door and ask if I can see it in 3D!”

What’s your favourite design style? 

“I love mixing old with new.  I have refurbished 14 homes, more recently, an old bakehouse where we put oak in everywhere to complement the original oak beams but then put glass in the staircase, and huge picture windows overlooking incredible views.  I love old and new working together.  If you invest in something it will last for years.”

What trends in bathroom retail are you looking forward to seeing over autumn and winter? 

“This period always seems strong for promotions so it’s a great time to go to your local independent retailer and see what they have to offer.  We are selling equal amounts of modular units and fitted furniture at the moment.  We forecast a stronger trend towards modular and illumination (secondary lighting).”

Ambiance Bain Fitted Furniture Range
Ambiance Bain Joya Range
Ambiance Bain ensuites and shower rooms

What does French design do better than any other style? 

“French bathrooms are on average, larger than UK ones, so bold bright designs feature heavily.  We have some great shaped basins that we manufacture as part of the worktop – so easy to clean, no corners or joints.”

Most people wanting luxury bathroom furniture will go for Italian. How would you persuade these people to consider French furniture instead? 

“Although Italian style is nice, it’s not different.  For example, we can produce a shower tray in any size, recessed or floor standing, in a choice of over 200 colours, then you can pick wall panels and worktop runs with built in basins in the same finish – totally coordinating a bespoke bathroom that will really stand out and be a beautiful place to be.”

What’s your favourite Ambiance UK product? 

“I love the shower trays with the linear wastes.  The ability to make any size, any colour, and then have your worktop made to match in the same colour – it’s great for the consumer. I also love the Aviso range in our Modular collection – the quality of the units, the curves and the amount of storage is amazing.”

What can retailers do to big up modular and fitted bathroom furniture? 

“Having aspirational displays is key to demonstrating to the consumer the lifestyle they can create. There’s the practical element of storage, hiding pipes etc, but the key is in design, colour, shapes.  Sell the lifestyle, and the product will sell itself.”

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If you’ve been inspired by our chat with David, then you can find an Ambience Bain showroom near you or explore our website for some beautiful design ideas.

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