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If you’re looking for an interior design project to keep you busy during the winter months, then how about introducing a fresh look into your bathroom space?

As we know, bathrooms take a lot of wear and tear with condensation and water ingress, so they’re more in need of TLC than any other bathroom in the house.

That said, what can you do to reinvigorate your bathroom space for winter 2020?

Make It Cosy 

With the lockdown out there, homes are more than ever a sanctuary, and bathrooms give you a chance to wash away your troubles.

A few of the trends we’re seeing are introducing a sense of “hygge”, or Danish cosiness into the bathroom.

This incorporates light and warm neutrals and soft pinks to help you feel enveloped. Natural materials also come into their own for a sense of returning to nature, with rattan, bamboo, botanicals, comforting fabrics and incorporating pockets of natural light.

Ambiance Bain Aviso Range

You can go more British for a country chic vibe, including walnut and sage, earthy neutrals like Dulux Colour of 2021, brave ground and other “spicy” shades.

Another cosy trend to adopt is that of “grandmillennial” style, nicknamed “granny chic” – That of reviving the florals and doilies that we associate with paying a visit to nan, albeit with a 2020s twist. You can inject this trend into your bathroom with floral wallpaper designs, macrame wall hangings or dried flowers.

For a French take on cosiness, the Provence-style comes into its own, complete with recessed panelling – Take this example in regent blue.

Ambiance Bain Ensuites and Shower Rooms

Go Bold and Go to Town

Running concurrently to the softer, minimalist ambience is a penchant for more flamboyant colour schemes. There are no wallflowers in this bathroom. To add a sense of opulence and flair, jewels reign supreme. Rich reds, tantalising teals and outrageous oranges should take pride of place in the bathroom of the Bold bathroom adventurer.

For an eye-catching display, consider wall art and decorative pieces that embrace geographic elements, colour-blocking and exciting contours.

Komplements to suit Villeroy and Boch Avento Basins

Shimmer & Shine

Gone are the matt effect metallics – We’re no longer afraid to show our glitzy sides in our bathrooms. Shimmer effect displays, such as those you can achieve with our wealth of SMO panels in sparkly, are a way of feeling closer to the sublime and is a great reminder of the fact we are made of stardust. You can’t help but get philosophical when you’re performing your ablutions. Perhaps it’s the only time of day you get to think of those bigger topics.

Ambiance Bain Universal Shower Space Range

There are also metal finishes – With light fittings and handles in chrome, you can’t go far wrong, and our crystal chrome handles add that extra touch of sparkle.

Ambiance Bain Mirrors and Lights

If you’re craving a hint of gold, then Aviso’s gold finish handgrips are just the ticket.

Aviso Gold Handgrip Finish

We’ve presented a few of our favourite bathroom interior design trends for a winter refresh. Which ones are enticing you?

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